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Registration, Passwords, Profile and Logging In:

When you register, you will be sent an email within minutes. This email is sent to the email address you have used for registration, so please make sure it is a VALID email address, and is correct. The registration email has a link for you to click, which will then verify your account and allow you to log in and start bidding and creating your Watch List of items.

If you do not receive an automated email from us straight away, then please check your SPAM Email box, as a number of people seem to get it re-directed to there.

The first time you log in, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of sale to continue, and you must use the password you created when registering.

Changes to email, your address, passwords etc can all be done from your profile page, which is accessible from the members section once you have logged in.

You will also need to ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser.

Please note, we Do Not store or record your password. If you forget your password, then you must click "Forgot Password" in the members function list, and a new temporary password will be sent to you. After this you can then change your password in your profile as suits you.

Bidding - different ways of bidding in this Sale:

Postal Bids (Non Live):

  • Via the website through the Web Submissions Online Bid Form. The website will accept your bids and we will enter them for you manually.
  • Bidding via Phone or Email. We will accept initial bids in this format, however you will still need to confirm your bids before the sale closes by forwarding us a copy of the original signed bid form before the auction starts to ensure these bids are valid.
  • By filling out the enclosed Postal Bidding form from the catalogue (or downloaded from the website) and posting, emailing or faxing this to us. This form must be filled out in full and signed by the intended bidder.

All Non-Online Bids are manually processed, thus bidding via these methods will close off 6:30pm AEDST on Wednesday the 12th December for Lots 1-490 and at 6:30pm AEDST on Thursday 13th December for lots 491-1,020 for OS 12.

Online Members Bids:

  • Via the website through your Members personal bidding system. You must create a valid account and be accepted to bid, then you can access this account and log in to place bids.
  • Bids submitted by Online Postal Members is done via a "Watchlist". A watchlist is created when you add a lot from the "OS 12 Lots" Index, or when you bid directly from that lot (the system will automatically add it to your Watchlist). This will then show you the bids you are currently winning and losing right up to the start of the Live Auction.
  • Any bids submitted before the Sale are final and cannot be modified (except to increase the amount), so please be aware of this and double check all of your bids.
  • At 6:30pm on Wednesday the 12th December all bidding for Lots 1-490 will close and at 6:30pm AEDST on Thursday 13th December for lots 491-1,020 will close, 30 minutes prior to the start of that evenings Live Auction. Remember that OS 12 Will be held over TWO Sessions over the TWO evenings.
  • All Live Online bids received will be used to COMPETE against other Live Online Bidders as well as against any bids left (using the published bid increments and starting with THE LOWEST Bid received). All bidding is handled automatically by the Live Online Auction system, so you can bid in full confidence.
  • You should submit your maximum bids regardless of current online bidding, as the Live Auction bidding may well raise bids over the current levels (depending on competition for lots). Bids will only be raised against genuine Live Auction bids from other members.

Watchlist and Web Functions Explained:

The Watch List function will allow you to create your personal bidding and want list for the auction all in the one place. Here you can view all your successful and unsuccessful bids, as well as items you wish to consider. Items can be added to the Watch List from the Auction Lots page by clicking on the "Add to Watch List” button. Multiple bids can be submitted in one go by entering bids in the column beside each lot then hitting the submit bids button.

Items in your Watch List can be removed by clicking on the "Remove" button on the Auction lots page, or from the Watch List by clicking on the red "cross" at the far right (Note: lots you have bid on cannot be removed).

If you bid on any lot directly (while viewing it), that lot will automatically be added to your Watchlist. Pictures of EVERY lot will be available through the website "Lots" feature. This makes viewing and bidding easier. You can click on any image in the "View Images Section" to enlarge it to full screen and can also save them to desktop.

The website also has a search function to search by category, grade or price.

The "Account" button will give you an idea of your current balances including buyer's premium and show you lots you are currently winning and losing at this particular moment. The accounts page does not include postage or other applicable charges such as insurance. Check your account page after the PS 6 concludes for an indicative guide to your successful bids.

The accounts page does not include postage or other applicable charges such as insurance. Check your account page after OS 12 concludes for an indicative guide to your successful bids and account total. All final invoicing for BOTH Auctions will be done on Friday the 14th and payment can be made from then.

New Bidders and Terms of Sale:

  • Please see the catalogue or here for the postal Terms and Conditions of Sale.
  • New bidders will need to be approved to bid. Credit card details and other identification (eg a Drivers Licence) or references may be necessary to activate a valid account.
  • All non-online Postal Bidders must fill out and sign all areas of the Postal Bid Form as requested. All Email Australian bidders wanting to pay by credit card must also complete and return a signed Postal Bid Form (via post or fax) before Auction start. We reserve the right to hold new credit card bidders purchases for up to 30 days after full payment.
  • Overseas bidders will need to provide detailed information (including attaching a current Drivers Licence/Passport) to be a valid bidder, otherwise they will be deleted from the database. Strict controls and criteria will apply to all overseas bidders including a wait period of 30 days for full fund clearance to occur before items will be shipped. Overseas payments will only be accepted by direct bank transfer only into our account.

Buyers Premium:

A 22% Buyer's Premium will apply on the knock down price of every item in this sale.

All Accounts and Payment Information:

All accounts must be finalised within 14 days. Please contact us to organise all credit card payments, or you can direct debit from your account into our bank account.

Please Note: We no longer accept AMEX. Visa and Mastercard payments are welcome, and will NOT attract any additional fees.

By clicking on the Account button the accounts page will be displayed. This page will tell you your accounts balance at any time (not inclusive of postage or insurance fees). Successful bidders will be sent an invoice by email or mail.

Postage and Insurance:Small items under $200 - $7.50 via normal mail - no insurance. Small items between $200 and $1000 - $12.50 via registered post, insurance add $5. Items over $1000 - $17.50 via registered post person to person, Insurance up to $4,999 add $20, over $5,000 will be add $30 plus $5 per Thousand Dollars rounded down and capped to a maximum per parcel of $100. Heavier and/or larger oversize items over 500 grams and will incur an additional charge at or near our costs. International post will be at cost but not insured.

Bank Details: for direct deposits are as follows:

Bank: ANZ Broadbeach
Account: W J Hannaford Trust Account
BSB: 014 688
Account No: 255 838 964