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Please read the following "Terms of Sale" carefully. These terms are applicable to all floor bidders and mail bidders in this auction. Your submission of bids in this Auction constitutes your full acceptance of these "Terms of Sale".

1. This is a Postal Bid Sale, NOT an approval sale. At the conclusion of the sale at (as measured by the IAG servers time clock), all sales are then final, and the Auction will conclude and be and finalised simultaneously at this time. Bidding in this auction in any way confirms that the bidder personally guarantees all payments and acknowledges and accepts the Terms and Conditions of sale as set out herein. The auctioneer has final discretion in all such matters. In case of a dispute, the lot(s) in question may be immediately resold. The auctioneer as represented here includes International Auction Galleries as an entity.

2. Payments must be made in full within 14 days from the close of sale. Absolutely No lots will be released until payment in full has been made. Payment may be made in Cash, by Personal Cheque (with proper identification, at the discretion of IAG), or by Bank Transfer or Major Credit Cards as stipulated. Successful postal bidders will be notified by mail via an auction receipt. Lots can also be picked up from our offices from the following day after the sales conclusion.

3. A 22% buyer's premium will be added to the knock down price of each lot (includes GST where applicable). All payments by American Express will incur a 1.5% surcharge.

4. Unless otherwise specifically stated, each new bid shall be increased automatically by $1 increments. This is an automated process controlled by the IAG Auction program. Bidding starts at $1 under the minimum reserve as set out, and will rise to include all postal bids received in real time. No party shall be allowed to retract his or her bid after acknowledgment by the automated Auction process, so please ensure that all bids are carefully checked.

5. IAG reserves the right to refuse any bid and to withdraw any goods from sale at any time, or to disclose any reserves or vendor information, without having to state any reason.

6. At the conclusion of the sale, (if required by IAG), the purchaser shall give his or her full name and address, and pay 25% of the purchase price deposit. In default, the lot(s) purchased may, at the auctioneer's discretion, immediately be reoffered and resold. All lots sold will remain the property of the owner/vendor until cleared payment is made in full. Only then will the title of ownership of the lots pass to the purchaser, irrespective of any terms or deferment of payment due. Title of any lots sold will not pass to the purchaser until the full amount of the purchasers auction account has been fully paid, including any other service charges or fees resulting from any late payments or other expenses incurred.

7. Except as otherwise provided by state or federal law, no condition or warranty is given or implied by the auctioneer in respect of any lot offered for sale via auction. As all lots are given for inspection prior to the commencement of the sale, it shall be presumed that the goods have been inspected and that the purchaser accepts the goods are sold with all faults. No error or mis-description of any lot shall give cause for an invalidation of sale or an abatement of price, and the auctioneer shall not be held responsible for any such error. All lots are guaranteed genuine (except where so described), however if a lot sold is found to be a fake or forgery, the purchaser may then return it, and receive, upon proven confirmation to the auctioneers satisfaction, a full refund.

8. The auctioneer shall not be liable for any description or mis-description given on any of the goods presented here for sale in any way. Any statement as to the description of goods is given as a statement of opinion only as represented to the auctioneer, and is not to be relied on as a representation of fact. Whilst every effort is made, the auctioneer gives no warranty that the quantities or any grading given with respect to the description of any lot as stated is correct. All images used are given as a guide only, and are not guaranteed to be an accurate representation.

9. No lots purchased by a bidder may be returned, including those lots where the bidder is acting as agent for another. There are no returns or refunds except for reason of lack of authenticity (as is stated in clause 7 and 8 above detailing liability). It is assumed that all intending bidders (including all postal and internet bidders) have obtained their own satisfaction and/or done due diligence on all lots before submitting any bids in any way. All bids submitted are thus then subject to the full terms and conditions. The auctioneer accepts no responsibility for any mistakes in any postal or phone bidding conducted. Late remittance of payments constitutes just cause for revocation of all return privileges. In the event that a bidder is acting as an agent for another party, and that agency has not been disclosed to the auctioneer in writing 24 hours before the sale date, then the bidder is deemed by the auctioneer to be the final buyer in all respects, and is fully responsible for all payments, fees and charges. In no event may any lot(s) be returned after Twenty One (21) days from the date of the auction. All sales are then final.

10. If any purchaser fails to comply with any of conditions of sale as outlined here or if any monies paid in any way given on settlement of account for any goods is dishonoured or unfulfilled, then any monies which the purchaser has paid to the auctioneer on account of the purchase shall then be forfeited absolutely to the vendor. The auctioneer acting as agent for the vendor is at liberty to re-sell the lot(s) in any manner and upon such terms and conditions as they may deem proper and/or to then sue the purchaser for any loss or resulting damages as set out below. Damages include all losses and expenses incurred by the vendor or the auctioneer as well as all damages which the vendor or the auctioneer may sustain resulting from any re-sale and storage, which shall then be recovered from the purchaser as liquidated damages. The auctioneer (acting on behalf of the vendor) in the event of such resale is entitled to:

a) The total amount of any and all commissions and/or buyers premiums applicable or any other fees and commissions lost as a result of the purchaser defaulting on the purchase.
b) The full cost of advertising and all other expenses related to re-sale as deemed necessary, including any storage costs and insurance charges.
c) Any differential in price from the initial sale price to the price achieved in re sale of the items(s).

11. A service charge of 2% compound per month (or part thereof) will be added to overdue accounts (30 days after the date of Auction is the overdue period for all unpaid accounts). In any event the title of any lots sold will not pass to the purchaser until the full amount of the purchasers auction account has been fully paid and remitted to the vendor, including any other service charges, storage or any other fees resulting from any late payments.

12. Estimates are given only as a guide, and not given as starting points for bidding: Lots may sell for a price greater than or less than these estimates. Bidding will start at an increment above the lowest postal bid received, or at the Auctioneers sole discretion. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

13. All images, text and information supplied in this catalogue remain the property of International Auction Galleries, and may not be used or transmitted in any way without written permission.