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If you are unable to attend one of our Auctions but would like to bid on an item, we do accept postal bids. We currently offer two different ways of bidding: Online and non-Online (via submitted email, faxed or postal bid form).

1. Click HERE to fill in our easy and secure, one step online form. Please fill in all applicable areas.

2. Simply download one of the two versions below, print it out and/or fill it in and send it to us at: P.O. Box 1380 Broadbeach, Queensland4218 Australia, or Fax to (07) 55 387 296 . Make sure to check the date of the auction so we receive your bid in time before the auction bid cut off time.

Due to increased Credit Card Fraud, we have instituted new security measures for Postal Bidders:

Please note full details of these can be found on the postal bid forms. All Online bids submitted from new buyers must include identification as requested to be accepted. Overseas purchases will not be accepted via credit card submission, only direct bank deposit will be accepted. Items will not be shipped overseas until 30 days after the bank deposit has been verified.

All non-Online postal bidders must fill out and sign all areas as requested to acknowledge the new postal terms and register a valid bid. All emailed Australian bidders wanting to pay by credit card must also complete a signed form as well, via a submitted post or fax bid form to be registered as a valid bid. We reserve the right to hold new credit card bidders purchases for up to 30 days upon receipt of full payment. Overseas non-Online postal bids will not be accepted via a credit card submission, and only direct bank deposits will be accepted. Items will not be shipped overseas until 30 days after the bank deposit has been verified.

The non-Online bid forms are in PDF format for your convenience:

The Adobe PDF format which can be printed from most browsers or with Adobe Reader. Simply click on the link, print the form, fill it in and either mail it or fax it back to us.

FILE: Adobe PDF format [.pdf]

If you do not have a .pdf viewer, you can download a free version of Adobe Reader.

* Please note, some versions of various web browsers may not open the .pdf file correctly, if this is the case, please fill in our safe and simple Online Bidding Form.